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Landscape and Garden Designs
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Our landscapes and gardens reflect and enrich the architecture of your home!
Creating and Restoring Perennial Gardens, Outdoor Rooms,
Decorative Stonewalls and Custom Cedar Arbors.



Photos - Set B

Woodland gardens and pathways create a feeling of depth and adventure.


Fruit/vegetable gardens create beauty all year round, using paths, stone etc.


Birdhouses can be built for specific trees and areas.
This one has a wisteria vine growing around it which has purple flowers in the spring.


Plantings on both sides of an entrance way give the feeling of security.


A corporate entrance.  This garden is new and has not filled in yet. 
It contains coneflowers, hostas, peonies, lilies, azaleas, rhododendrons and globe arborvites.


Small planting areas help soften stonework.




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